Benefits of ERP for Business Strategy

Support Growth Plan – Business Innovation – Enhance Product Differentiation – Enable Company Expansion


Support current and future business growth plan 

  • Business growth in transaction volume, processing capacity and capability
  • Business growth with new business products or services, new divisions, or new functions in different regions
  • Business growth with increased employees, new policies and procedures
  • Business growth in new markets
  • Business growth with industry’s rapid changes in competition, regulation and markets


Support business alliance through efficiently and effectively consolidating newly acquired companies/sites into standard business practice.


Build business innovation by

  • Enabling new market strategy
  • Building new process chain
  • Create new business


Build cost leadership by achieving economies of scale through streamlined processes or shared services.


Generate or enhance product differentiation by

  • Providing customised product or services for instance:
    • early preparation for the new EMU currency policy and provide customised billing,
    • provides individualised project services to different customer requirements,
    • provides different levels of service appropriate for the varying sizes of customer companies.
  • Providing lean production with make-to-order capabilities.


Build external relationships with suppliers, distributors and related business parties.


Enable Company expansion with

  • Centralised operational control & oversight
  • Site resource management
  • Multi-currency capability
  • Multi-language capability
  • Deploy solution quickly and cost effectively across multiple sites


Enabling E-commerce

by attracting new customers or getting closer to existing customers through the web integration capability.  A web-enabled ERP system such as Epicor will provide benefits in B2B and B2C  businesses through:

  • Interactive customer service
  • Improved product design through customer direct feedback
  • Expanding to new E-market
  • Building virtual corporation with virtual supply and demand consortium
  • Deliver customized service
  • Provide real time and reliable data enquiries


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